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We are noticing more investors are loosing up their criteria for funding and requiring less collateral. This is a great sign that unsecured funding for start ups are on the rebound. Below in one of our newest programs for start ups. We understand its not our normal non credit  private money program. This can although; help many people get that push for the capital that they deserve. This new program is to add to PRC service mix; for more diversification to assist clients that may or may not have the credit scores. Although this program is private. It is underwritten similar to a bank, but with less red tape.   Max loan = $250,000.00 Terms = 60 months – 5-years The loan note will be Interest-Only for the first 3 years There are two ways the client can borrow funds: 1) Using personal credit.  Personal credit score must be 700 or higher.  The client must have NO criminal activity (IE: Felony).  The client must have no pending lawsuits.  The...

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Don’t have a Generic Plan

Don’t have a Generic Plan

I have often heard investors and lenders complaining about similar phrases in plans such as “proven management team,” “first mover advantage,” and “dominate competition.” Concerns: The problem with these generic phrases in business plans , by themselves, these phrases don’t show whether the venture is really unique (which is what the lenders want). Now I’m not saying that you need to avoid these phrases. Suggestion: Instead, you need to clarify these phrases. If you have a “proven management team,” then you need to state why. For example, maybe one management team member formerly ran a successful company, or another formerly increased sales by 3 times at their last company, etc. When presented to people outside yourself or your company, your  business plans are marketing documents. They are used to convince others to invest time towards hopefully  investing in your company. In order to be successful, be sure to show how you and/or your venture is unique, different and whenever possible; provide specific proof behind your arguments. PRC TEAM...

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After going through my initial stage of Angels for funding, I did not know where else to get the funding my company needed to expand to the next level. PRC assisting me with the resources and knowledge to raise me over 1 million dollars.

Steve – Arkansas

I had no clue on how to raise capital or where to go for advice. PRC panel of experts make my first round of financing easy.

– Armon – Colorado

After the credit crunch happened, PRC was able to find money for me that I didn’t think possible. Probably my biggest concern was taking out too much in loans.

– Greg Sharp LEED AP, Green Point Rater – California

I tried going through my local bank and could not get a loan. PRC got me 75K in three weeks and the process was seem less! – Desert State Mortgage – Arizona

In a tight economic environment it is nice to know that small business owners can still get funding. I search and went from bank to bank to get funding only to be disappointed. PRC gave me the guidance and expert advice on the proper planning to raise the capital my company needed. They raise on my first round of funding of 100,000 in 3 weeks. William Barfield, Barfield and Associates – Arizona

  • Steve – Arkansas
  • Armon – Colorado
  • Greg Sharp LEED AP
  • Desert State Mortgage Arizona
  • William Barfield, Barfield and Associates – Arizona

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Cory’s services set the bar with the hard work and determination to get you funded!

Cory Walker

Cory Walker


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Cory is a Miami University graduate and has degrees in Health and Entrepreneurialism with a focus in Finance. As a former athlete Cory understands the importance of dedication, attention to detail and a strong work ethic. With a self-motivated attitude towards “getting the job done” Cory has a proven track record in successful investing, real-estate portfolio management and capitalization. Cory owns and operates Prestige Renaissance Consulting, referred to herein as PRC, from his home state of Arizona and the beautiful city of Phoenix. Since 2003 Cory has built a solid foundation for his business by striving for success one building block at a time. As a direct investor Cory understands the dynamics needed for businesses to obtain the capital they seek and be successful. The “passion” Cory brings to his Client’s projects is complemented by a seasoned Team who is as driven and motivated as he is. You can choose from a lot of service providers however results speak for themselves.