According to politicians and government officials, both state and federal, the Small Business Owner is the pride and backbone of the United States. According to the rhetoric, small businesses are creating the most new jobs and provide the engine that drives the US’s economy. Fine words, but–
Why is it so difficult for that small business owner to find the capital to start or expand a business, or for real estate investors to buy and rehab property?

Interesting question and several debatable answers can be added.

Our solution for the aid of  the entrepreneur: Bridge Loan

What is a “Bridge Loan?” . A “Bridge Loan” offers: ((1) Short-term capital to ‘Bridge’ the gap to more permanent funding; (2) Lender secured funding with asset-based collateral; (3) Ability to convert to monthly funding to extend loan until more permanent funding can be secured.

This is a great option for many entrepreneurs until the larger rounds of funding are complete.


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