We are noticing more investors are loosing up their criteria for funding and requiring less collateral. This is a great sign that unsecured funding for start ups are on the rebound. Below in one of our newest programs for start ups. We understand its not our normal non credit  private money program. This can although; help many people get that push for the capital that they deserve. This new program is to add to PRC service mix; for more diversification to assist clients that may or may not have the credit scores. Although this program is private. It is underwritten similar to a bank, but with less red tape.   Max loan = $250,000.00 Terms = 60 months – 5-years The loan note will be Interest-Only for the first 3 years There are two ways the client can borrow funds: 1) Using personal credit.  Personal credit score must be 700 or higher.  The client must have NO criminal activity (IE: Felony).  The client must have no pending lawsuits.  The client must have a debt-to-income ratio of 80%; meaning, if the client has a credit card with $10,000 line of credit, $8,000 of that credit must be available. 2) Business credit.  The business must be in existence for 2 years or more.  The business must have NO lawsuits.  The business must NOT be in debt.  The business must have the ability to generate revenues sufficient to satisfy the loan note.  The business must be in Good Standing (as stated from the State of origin).   Thanks!   PRC...

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Don’t have a Generic Plan

Posted By on Aug 18, 2011

I have often heard investors and lenders complaining about similar phrases in plans such as “proven management team,” “first mover advantage,” and “dominate competition.” Concerns: The problem with these generic phrases in business plans , by themselves, these phrases don’t show whether the venture is really unique (which is what the lenders want). Now I’m not saying that you need to avoid these phrases. Suggestion: Instead, you need to clarify these phrases. If you have a “proven management team,” then you need to state why. For example, maybe one management team member formerly ran a successful company, or another formerly increased sales by 3 times at their last company, etc. When presented to people outside yourself or your company, your  business plans are marketing documents. They are used to convince others to invest time towards hopefully  investing in your company. In order to be successful, be sure to show how you and/or your venture is unique, different and whenever possible; provide specific proof behind your arguments. PRC TEAM...

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Presentation and Packaging

Posted By on Jun 24, 2011

We have seen many clients struggle in the area of presentations in the past. This in several instances is not due the viability of thier project directly, but how it is communicated or presented. The packaging of your venture is very important and should be treated with the same care and effort as you put into your business plan. Create the following four marketing and presentation items when raising capital: High concept pitch – A phrase describing your business by mentioning a familiar company, followed by the twist that differentiates your company. Allows you and others to communicate what your business does, quickly. Elevator pitch- A one- to two-minute pitch explaining: what your business does, how it makes money, and how it benefits customers. Incorporate the high-concept pitch. Throw in a fact or two showing a large and growing market for your product or service. This helps you to create investor interest quickly. Business plan – The all-important document “selling” your business to investors and/or lenders, to entice them to meet with you and fund your company. Includes an Executive Summary, Company Analysis, Customer Analysis, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, Management Team, Financial Plan, and Appendix (supporting materials.) Slide presentation – A 20-30 minute pitch to investors, the purpose of which is to create more interest in your business and build a relationship with the investor. PRC has the expertise for packaging your venture. We can assist you in your presentations preparation and...

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I understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle from being a former athlete and having a health degree. I see a unique parrallel between taking your vitamins to be healthy and the need for entrepreneurs to keep their spirits and vision on a healthy track. Now, while the result of being healthy is great, the process isnt always so pleasant. For example sometimes my kids complain about taking their vitamins and sometimes they dont want to do more exercise (sometimes I don’t want to either). But, we all need to make sacrifices to achieve our goals. And entrepreneurs are no exception. As an entrepreneur, you need to do those things that prepare and position yourself to succeed. And not all of these things are fun. Just like kids taking their vitamins, successful entrepreneurs must constantly attain new knoweldge, get mentors if they don’t already have them, develop and refine their business plans, and raise capital among other things. PRC...

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4 Beauty Tips for your New Venture

Posted By on Mar 7, 2011

There are roughly 750 venture capital firms in the United States, and 600,000 new businesses cropping up every year. Talk about competition. To attract a VC and get the funding you need to grow your business to a massively lucrative exit, use the following beauty tips: 1. Possess the cure for pain. The market pain, that is. Where is the pain? That is the question you should be asking yourself. Identify a market segment that needs your product or service and is either not getting it, or not getting it the right way. If your company can deliver something that makes your customers breathe a grateful sigh of relief and, then you are an attractive company to a venture capitalist. 2. Position your company to penetrate a large and growing market. VCs love companies in large and growing markets – especially companies that can capture and continually penetrate new customer segments of that market. It’s all about high growth and fast exits. So acquire some in-depth reports from at least one independent market research firm showing that there are plenty of customers waiting for you – and flaunt it. 3. Team up with a hot management team that has been there and done that. If your management team – and your Boards of Directors and Advisors, for that matter – have experience growing companies like yours quickly towards a lucrative exit, you look fantastic. 4. Write great strong catchy lines and use them. To woo a VC, you will eventually need a high concept pitch, a punchy elevator pitch, an irresistible teaser email, a great business plan, a diligent operations plan, a gripping executive summary, and a solid slide presentation. Get busy preparing these materials so that you can be ready when the right VC comes along. PRC has many years of experience in these  related areas and can aid you in your efforts. PRC...

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