Celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day

Earlier this week, President Obama declared today, November 19th, National Entrepreneur’s Day; http://bit.ly/bqjZsp.

In his words, entrepreneurs “power the engine of our Nation’s economy. These intrepid individuals translate their vision into products and services that keep America strong and competitive on a global scale, and build opportunity and prosperity across our country.”

What can you do to celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day? In short, pay it forward. We all get busy, but quite often just a few minutes of your time can make a huge impact on someone else’s success as well as our own.

Today is the day to;

1. Finally respond to that email, return that call, provide that intro, or review that plan that an aspiring you to go for your dreams!. We all have them buried somewhere in a long list of priorities, but today is the day to find the time to make it happen.

2. Visit http://kiva.org, a microlending site whose mission is to connect people, through lending, for the sake of alleviating poverty. They have already facilitated well over $100mm in loans, and even a small loan can make a big difference.

Happy Entrepreneur’s Day!

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