Presentation and Packaging

We have seen many clients struggle in the area of presentations in the past. This in several instances is not due the viability of thier project directly, but how it is communicated or presented. The packaging of your venture is very important and should be treated with the same care and effort as you put into your business plan.

Create the following four marketing and presentation items when raising capital:

High concept pitch – A phrase describing your business by mentioning a familiar company, followed by the twist that differentiates your company. Allows you and others to communicate what your business does, quickly.

Elevator pitch- A one- to two-minute pitch explaining: what your business does, how it makes money, and how it benefits customers. Incorporate the high-concept pitch. Throw in a fact or two showing a large and growing market for your product or service. This helps you to create investor interest quickly.

Business plan – The all-important document “selling” your business to investors and/or lenders, to entice them to meet with you and fund your company. Includes an Executive Summary, Company Analysis, Customer Analysis, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Operations Plan, Management Team, Financial Plan, and Appendix (supporting materials.)

Slide presentation – A 20-30 minute pitch to investors, the purpose of which is to create more interest in your business and build a relationship with the investor.

PRC has the expertise for packaging your venture.

We can assist you in your presentations preparation and packaging.

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