You may have heard the phrase “the glass is half full” or
“the glass is half empty.”

And probably, when we heard it first, we sat and stared for
a moment and really thought about it.

And possibly, and actually hopefully, it made us become
more optimistic. Because good things typically happen to
optimists, and I’ve never met a really successful
entrepreneur who’s a pessimist.

But I learned lately that even a lot of us optimists,
actually act pessimistic a lot.

Typically this happens when we are posing questions.

For example, we may ask, “why don’t our prospects listen to
us when we talk about the benefits of our products?”

Or “How come some of my employees never seem to put in that
extra effort?”

Or “Why cant any investor see the value in my venture”

These questions are very negative. And because of that,
they rarely lead to positive solutions.

So, let’s turn these questions around. How about asking,
“How could I communicate better to get our prospects to
really listen to the benefits of our products?”

Or “What could I do to inspire and motivate my employees to
work harder?”

Or “What can I learn from an investors feedback that is not interested in my venture?”

Framing your questions in a more positive light will help
you solve them. It will ignite your positive creative
energy, and that’s when the entrepreneurial magic happens.

So, start turning around your questions and looking for
positive solutions to the challenges you are your business
are facing. The solutions are there. You just need to make
sure you are asking the right questions in order to find them.

To Your Success,


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