We are noticing more investors are loosing up their criteria for funding and requiring less collateral. This is a great sign that unsecured funding for start ups are on the rebound.

Below in one of our newest programs for start ups.

We understand its not our normal non credit  private money program. This can although; help many people get that push for the capital that they deserve.

This new program is to add to PRC service mix; for more diversification to assist clients that may or may not have the credit scores. Although this program is private. It is underwritten similar to a bank, but with less red tape.


Max loan = $250,000.00

Terms = 60 months – 5-years

The loan note will be Interest-Only for the first 3 years

There are two ways the client can borrow funds:

1) Using personal credit.  Personal credit score must be 700 or higher.  The client must have NO criminal activity (IE: Felony).  The client must have no pending lawsuits.  The client must have a debt-to-income ratio of 80%; meaning, if the client has a credit card with $10,000 line of credit, $8,000 of that credit must be available.

2) Business credit.  The business must be in existence for 2 years or more.  The business must have NO lawsuits.  The business must NOT be in debt.  The business must have the ability to generate revenues sufficient to satisfy the loan note.  The business must be in Good Standing (as stated from the State of origin).





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