What do investors want to see?

If you are like many entrepreneurs, you may have ask yourself the question:

“What do investor want to see in my business plan”?

To give you a quick layout, PRC has put together a cheat sheet for you.

1) Executive Summary

The goal of your executive summary is to stimulate and motivate
the investor to learn more.

In the executive summary, make sure you:

* Hook them on the first page, so they want to keep reading.
* Keep it simple, and dive into the details later on.
* Be brief. Aim for 2 to 4 pages in length.

2) Company Analysis

Here’s where you want to educate the investor about your
company’s history and explain why your team is perfect to
execute on the business opportunity.

In the company analysis section, make sure you:

* Provide the essential background on the company.
* Show off your track record and prior accomplishments.
* Answer the question “Why you?”

3) Industry Analysis

The goal of the industry analysis section is to prove that
there is a real market for your product or service.

* Demonstrate the need – rather than the desire – for your product.
* Cite credible sources when describing the size and growth of your market.
* Focus on the “relevant” market size.
* Each fact and figure should support your prospects for success.
* But don’t ignore negative trends. Explain how you’ll overcome them.
* Be prepared for due diligence. (Make sure all data is verifiable).

4) Customer Analysis

In this section, you want to convey the needs of your customers and
show how your company’s products/services satisfy those needs.

* Define your customers precisely
* Detail their demographics
* Identify the needs of these customers
* Identify what drives their decision-making


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